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Do you want to travel at really low-cost prices?

Use Bravofly to search for your flightUse Bravofly to search for your flight

In order to really save with low-cost flights, our first piece of advice is…instead of searching on every low cost airline website, use Bravofly to search for your flight.  This way you are sure to find the airline that answers your requirements at the lowest possible price - saving time and money!


Do not hesitate to bookDo not hesitate to book

If you find a good offer, don't wait to find a better one; book now! Available places disappear fast and as the travel date approaches, the prices increase.  So book early in order to guarantee you get the best prices.


Fly at uncommon hoursFly at uncommon hours

You will find the best prices if you fly at unusual hours, such as Monday afternoon or Sunday morning. The price of plane tickets is in fact dependant on supply and demand – which means that tickets for flights leaving at the most requested hours are inevitably more expensive. 


Travel with only a carry-on bagTravel with only a carry-on bag

Avoid bringing luggage: if you are able to, travel with only a carry-on bag as checked luggage often incurs an extra cost. Also note that if your carry on luggage is over the weight limit or your suitcase exceeds the dimensions established by the airline, you risk paying a heavy fine. Before leaving, be sure to consult our table of Information about airlines, which contains thofficial travel regulations established by each low-cost airline company: click here.


 Reserve your flight as soon as possibleReserve your flight as soon as possible

If you really want to find the best offers, don't hesitate to book your plane ticket: book as soon as possible or at least one month before your departure date.


Stay overnight on Saturday and saveStay overnight on Saturday and save

For international flights, we suggest you stay Saturday night at your destination; airlinesconsider a trip that does not include Saturday night as a business trip, so the flight can potentially be more expensive than a flight with a return on a Sunday.


Fly to secondary airportsFly to secondary airports

Fly to and from secondary airports of major cities, such as Girona for Barcelona or Luton for London. Thanks to subsidiary investment for their commercial development, secondary airports have the ability to manage air traffic for low-cost airlines at very advantageous prices.  In addition, secondary airports are well connected thanks to fast and efficient transport services.   

Do not change your reservationDo not change your reservation

When booking your flight, make sure that you enter each passengers' data correctly.  Once the flight is booked, avoid making any modifications to the reservation because a fee is incurred every time you alter the date and/or the time of the flight, the itinerary, or the name of the passenger.  Before leaving, consult our webpage Reservation Change, which contains information regarding the costs for booking changes: click here.

Please note that in the case you decide to cancel your flight, more often than not, low-cost airline companies do not give you your money back. 
If you believe that you may have to make modifications to your trip, make sure you buy the Bravofly NoProblem assistance policy: this way, you will not be charged any administrative fees, other than the cost of the variation in price of the booking, and you are guaranteed your money back in case you cannot fly due to illness.



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