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Safe Reservations

Secure payment is an important concern in e-commerce.

lastminute.com group guarantees a secure and certified online payment system for your transactions.

Why can you trust lastminute.com group? 

Generally speaking a secure site shows a padlock icon at the bottom of the page where you insert your personal information and credit card number. This is why you can trust us because in order to guarantee secure, quick and risk-free purchases, all the lastminute.com group websites are equipped with the most advanced and secure technology for all transactions taking place through our website.

lastminute.com group is certified by Geotrust.

Recent developments in browser/server technology enable Internet users to use the services available on the web avoiding electronic frauds. Two examples of these technologies are the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) developed by Netscape and the Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol (S-HTTP) developed by Terisa Systems, Inc. Said protocols lead browsers and servers to reciprocal authentication in their final sessions in such a way to protect the information to be transferred. The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) guarantees protection not only for credit card numbers, online forms and financial data, but also to prevent ALL confidential information, private or personal, to be decrypted and forged.

How is this achieved?

Using cryptographic techniques such as codification and digital signature. These protocols employ the following functions:

-  Web browsers and servers make a reciprocal authentication procedure;
-  Website owners are authorised to check the access to particular servers;
-  Confidential information (such as credit card numbers) can be transferred from browser to server without being accessible to third parties;
-  exchange of data between browser and server cannot be altered neither accidentally nor intentionally.

A Certificate Authority is an accredited entity issuing certificates that identify a community of people, systems or other entities that use information net.  The certified documents issued by the Certificate Authority include a digital signature that contains the identity of the owner of the certificate and an access key to the certificate itself. The Certificate Authority is in this way a guarantor of the validity of the certificate.

For further information please see also http://www.geotrust.com/.

Our security measures do not stop there....

lastminute.com group uses a data codification technology to protect its clients. Such codification converts personal information into a secret code subsequently sent to the bank that will charge the sum you specified on your credit card. To find out the code a hacker you would need to try around 1.099.511.627.776 different combinations. Our server’s software encodes the information and ensures secure transactions on the Internet, where the information is kept confidential and protected. lastminute.com group operates a security protocol named “SSL3” (Secure Sockets Layer) which is used by the best sites in the world for online transactions.


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